Course Schedule

Schedule is tentative. Check regularly for updates. Readings beginning with “E” are from Eisenstein’s Natural Language Processing, while readings beginning with “JM” are from Jurafsky and Martin’s Speech and Language Processing.

1/14 Intro to CL E1
1/17 Two Cultures of Linguistics and Finite State Transducers E9.1
1/21 More Finite State Transducers and Naive Bayes E2.1-2.2 PA1 out
1/24 More Naive Bayes and Generative and Discriminative Models JM4 Ng and Jordan 2002
1/28 Logistic Regression E2.3-2.6;4.1
1/31 Stochastic Gradient Descent and Sentiment Analysis JM5
2/4 Neural Networks E3.1-3.3 PA1 Due; HW1 out Kleene 1951
2/7 Lab: Naive Bayes and Logistic Regression PA2 out
2/11 More Neural Networks and Computation Graphs JM7
2/14 More Computation Graphs and N-grams E6.1-6.2;6.4-6.5 HW1 Due
2/17-2/21 Winter Break
2/25 Baum Welch Algorithm and POS Tagging PA2 Due 2/27 Example of Baum-Welch
2/28 POS Tagging with HMMS HMM Notes
3/3 Quiz Review
3/6 Quiz?
3/10 Syntactic Theory (Constituent) Church and Patil 1982
3/13 CKY and Earley Algorithms
3/17 Statistical Parsing
3/20 Dependency Parsing
3/24 More Dependency Parsing and Vector Semantics Bengio et al. 2003
3/27 Distributional Semantics and Word Vectors
3/31 More Neural Networks
4/3 Even More Neural Networks
4/8-4/16 Spring Break
4/17 Window Classification and Recurrent Neural Networks
4/21 Fancy RNNs; Machine Translation; and Coreference Pascanu et al. 2013
4/24 Quiz Review
4/28 Final Exam (in class)