Course Schedule

Schedule is tentative. Check regularly for updates.

1/12 Two Cultures of Linguistics and Intro to CL SLP Chapter 1 (on LATTE)
1/16 Regular Expressions and Text Processing and Edit Distance SLP Chapter 2 Wikipedia on REs
1/19 Finite State Automata SLP Chapter 3 (on LATTE) HW1 out
1/23 Morphology and Finite State Transducers SLP Chapter 3 (on LATTE)
1/26 N-grams and Language Models SLP Chapter 4
1/30 Spelling Correction and the Noisy Channel Model SLP Chapter 5 HW1 Due
2/2 Naive Bayes Models SLP Chapter 6 HW2 out
2/6 Classifiers and Sentiment Analysis SLP Chapter 6
2/9 Maximum Entropy and Logistic Regression SLP Chapter 7
2/13 Collocations HW2 Due, HW3 out
2/16 Information Theory HW2 Due
2/19-2/23 Winter Break
2/27 Hidden Markov Models and POS Tagging SLP Chapter 9 Eisner paper and spreadsheet
3/2 Baum Welch Algorithm SLP Chapter 9 HW3 Due Example of Baum-Welch
3/6 POS Tagging with HMMS – Quiz Review SLP Chapter 10 HW4 out My slides on POS Tagging
3/9 Quiz SLP Chapter 11
3/13 Snow Day SLP Chapter 12
3/16 Syntactic Theory (Constituent) and Intro Parsing SLP Chapter 13
3/20 More Statistical Parsing and Dependency Parsing SLP Chapter 14 HW4 Due, HW5 out
3/23 Lexical Semantics
3/27 Word Sense Disambiguation SLP Chapter 17
3/30-4/6 Spring Break
4/10 Vector Semantics SLP Chapter 15 HW5 Due, HW6 out
4/13 Distributional Semantics SLP Chapter 16
4/17 More Distributional Semantics Lexical Semantics Slides Grefenstette (2013)
4/20 Word2vec Word Embeddings
4/24 Review HW6 Due
4/25 Final Exam (in class) HW6 Due 4/26